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DO I SHIP?: Yes, I ship UPS (United Parcel Service) and USPS (United States Postal Service). Shipping charges include insurance. After you pay and I ship, I send you the tracking number so you can follow the progress of your package. I prefer to ship my art to an address where there is someone to accept the package, rather than it being left on the curb.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: I accept checks, credit card and cash. I am a sales tax collector in New York State and Pennsylvania. If you like a piece but want to pay for it over time, I sell art by layaway plan, sending you a receipt each time you make a payment. I hold the piece until amount due is paid in full.

DO I MAKE SPECIAL ORDERS OR COMMISSIONS: Yes, I do, please see the how to commission page at my website.

WHEN YOU PAY THROUGH MY SHOPPING CART: Please know that the charge does not happen automatically. I work through a secure service that sends me notice when something has been bought and then I process the charge manually. You can still ask questions after having filled out the shopping cart form with your credit card information, questions such as "will you not charge me shipping because I plan to pick the piece up at the Farmers' Market?". I will see your concern, make necessary corrections to the total and respond by email before making the charge. If you don't have questions, I will just put the charge through once I receive your credit card information.

HANGING WORK: Most of my mid-sized work weighs between 4-10 pounds. If you are hanging a piece on a sheetrock wall and not directly into a stud, I generally recommend using a sheetrock anchor with screw. All of my artwork is sold with a hanging wire on the back. The smaller “icon” pieces can sit on shelf or hang on the wall. In my own house I hang the wall mounted pictures so that the middle of the picture is about at eye level. There are no framing costs to you, as all of my work comes with a frame either carved into the piece or affixed.

CLEANING: I use a stiff dry paint brush to remove any dust. If that is not enough then I might use a soft lightly wetted lint free cloth to wipe off accumulated dust. Don’t use waxes or other cleaning agents, as it is unpredictable how these might affect the painted surface of my work. Because the top frame of most of my work has an overhang, most dust seems to settle on the frame rather than the carved details. Be very careful of vacuuming as some vacume hoses leave behind a black residue that comes from the hose itself. 

INSURING: If you wish to insure the work, you can get in touch with me to see what replacement value would be.

CHOOSING A GIFT: If you want to choose a gift for someone and you don’t know what they’d like, go to my website portfolio page and browse around with them at your side. See what they like without telling them you’d like to get them one. Or if you’ve been by my booth at the Ithaca Farmers’ Market, and you are on my mailing list I often note what people like and try to keep a record of this, so you can ask me if I took any notes.  Lots of people, when buying a gift, also involve the giftee in making a decision. The excitement of making the choice together can be a part of the gift itself.

COPYRIGHT QUESTIONS: All rights to use images of my work belong to me, the artist. If you want to use an image of my work for some purpose, please ask me first. I usually am quite accommodating.

GUARANTEE AND RETURN POLICY: Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  I want you to be happy with your purchase.

When you buy a piece you have thirty days to return it for a full refund or exchange. If there is a return you pay all shipping charges (to and fro) incurred.

For commissioned items there are no exchanges or returns.

Regarding repairs, my work is very durable. I use only the highest quality materials- high quality acrylics, gold leaf that will never tarnish, quality white pine. With my larger pieces the top and bottom frames stick out beyond the face of the picture in order to protect the piece in case of a fall. Sliding support battens on the back allow the work to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity without splitting or cupping. I want to produce a quality product that lasts long past my lifetime. Over the years I have had to repair only a few items. I take pride in being a trustworthy and good craftsperson. I have a number of pieces in my house that are more than 45 years old and they have aged well and stayed stable. 

However, please remember that wood is a living product long after the tree has been felled. Depending on humidity and heat wood may move, warp or check with changes of seasons.  Protect your art work. When choosing where to hang your purchase, remember that all artwork ages more slowly when not exposed to direct sunlight and temperature/humidity changes. Never choose to hang to hang your artwork outdoors where it is exposed to the elements.

My work is hand produced with unevennesses, rough edges, and imperfection being included as a part of its look. Please be aware when you buy my work that it is for its expressiveness and not for photo realism.