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Folk Art Americana Painted Wood Carvings


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Folk Art Americana- each piece one of a kind and original.

Examples of Commissioned Art.


All of the pieces on this page were special ordered and are not for sale.

Please note: this page has not been updated for several years.


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Bookcover image:

My painted woodcarving, Rowing on Cayuga Lake, Early Summer Morning was used on the cover of From the Finger Lakes: A Prose Anthology. This anthology, published in 2015, contains the work of some of central New York’s finest writers.

Scott and Trish, Anniversary Surprise Gift
Scott commissioned this for Trish for their anniversay. It shows Scott
and Tricia at when they first met at her Cornell sorority in the late 1960s.
Check out my folk art blog, to see this piece being made.




The happy artwork at its new home with its new people!


River Commission for Installation over a Fireplace

River comission, finished carving before it is painted


This river picture was commissioned by someone who thought a long time about what she might
want me to make. She decided on a picture of the river that runs by her house,  with her
sitting on a special rock.     



Alessi, Do What You Love.
Mike gave this picture to Laura as a surprise present.
The saying "Do what you love" (Fai Quello qui Ami in Italian) was her grandfather's favorite.
Her grandfather and his world is the focus of this picture.
Check out my  folk art blog  to so see this piece being made from start to finish.


This is a picture of Laura with the carving soon after it was unpacked.
I'm glad she was happy with the surprise!


Karen and Eric, New York Winery Memories.
Karen and Eric used to live in Ithaca but moved out to Colorado. This picture rwas meant to remind them of good times
they had in Ithaca and was a five year anniversary gift from family to them.

325 Glenwood.
"325" is a beloved house in Rochester New York. Gift from a wife to a husband, to commemorate their loving restoration
and good times at this house as they considered whether to sell the house.


Gary's Horse Barn.
This picture drawn on site at Gary's incredibly wonderful horse barn, located in Ithaca, New York.
This is another instance of someone wanting to keep a memory and piece of a place they  love by commissioning a portrait.
Gary was thinking of selling his barn and moving from Ithaca.

Rose's Wild Garden  
                                                                            sketch for Rose's Wild Garden

This was a gift from a husband to his wife Rose, who has a small "wild" backyard garden.
Instead of its being a surprise, Rose was a part of the commission from its planning stages,
and had a say on elements she wanted to see in the piece.


Dogsled for Elin
This was a gift from an american (who lives overseas) to Elin, who was danish and had a dogsled.
The business details related to drawing and making this piece were entirely done over the internet


Linda's Labradors
Linda Loves her labrador dogs, Cody and Walker, here out doing happy dog things like howling at the moon and chewing bones.


Joanne in the Tetons
Joanne wanted to commemorate a memorable hiking trip to the Tetons. I worked from her photograph to make this piece.


Kate and Kent Canoeing

This one was a gift from a husband to a wife to commemorate their wedding anniversary,
showing them doing one of their favorite things, canoing on Cayuga Lake.


Tod and Family Sledding
Tod loves the winter and winter activities.
His wife give this picture of Tod and their kids sledding (on a hill with their house in the background)
to him as a christmas surprise.

Lance Drumming at the Beach
This was a gift from a wife to a husband. She gave me photos of Lance. Lance loves to drum outdoors in the elements.
I tried to get the sound waves of the tambourine by the way I carved the water and sky that was behind it.


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