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Quotes from happy buyers...

"We can get the party started. The crows arrived!
Janet and I are very pleased with your artwork. It's even more impressive in person. Janet noticed the glass eyes make the larger birds look older. Nice effect. We will send you a picture when it is displayed in our house. it hasn't told us where it wants to be yet."
J T-L, Ohio. December 2020.

"Hi Mary -... I was going to e-mail you last week to tell you that we really love our Sailing carving!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so awesome! It occupies a prominent place in our living room and when the lights are on in the evening, the gold literally glows. It is amaxing! I like it even more than when I took it out of your home." CW, Baldwinsville, NY.

"I just got home last night and saw your [commisioned and newly arrived] carving. It is so beautiful - and exactly what we were looking for. The colors are perfect - its as if you have been in our home to see what would perfectly bring out the stone, colors, etc. Makes us long for the fingerlakes. Thank you so much! What a treat for our anniversary" KS, Colorado

“Greetings! My husband and I have long admired your work and, sadly, are no longer close enough to Ithaca to come see it in person. How can we get a hold of your kitchen magnet and copies of postcards/other images of your current works? We are especially fond of your animals and landscapes.” MDO, Chapel Hill, NC.

(My answer back: I sell my magnets, postcards and notecards through the mail. To see recently completed works, go to the Portfolio page of my website. To receive automatic updates and links to my Portfolio page, join my email list.)

We have houseguests and they have all remarked on how cool your carving [one done on commission] is! JL, Washington, DC

“Best wishes and congratulations. People visiting the show love your piece” Curator, show at the High Museum, Atlanta, Ga.

“Love your work. I saw you at the Valley Forge Convention Center a few months ago and haven’t forgotten it. I hope you come back to this area soon so I can consider a purchase. Please add me to your email list.” PM, Philadelphia, Pa

“I enjoyed visiting your studio very much, it was a pleasure viewing your works. I have some of your postcard versions framed in my home, a small one-dimensional way I can enjoy your carvings every day. I would love to stay informed of any small pieces involving Cayuga Lake, and especially sailing if you were to choose to do one. Please do let me know, I couldn’t be more interested.” ES. Edwards, Colorado

“I just looked up your website and wanted to let you know it is spectacular! Great job! I enjoyed talking with you yesterday at the Farmers Market. JE, Ithaca, NY

“We still adore your work. Our two pieces continue to receive recognition from visitors. In your new Dream series, I especially love the ‘Yes” message. MR, Princeton, NJ

“By the way, your work reminds me of Thomas Hart Benton. It’s not the same, but your themes, color and use of space is similar. He’s one of my favorites…” JB, Savanna, Ga.

“We all loved your visit and exhibition at our school last year. You are a continued source of inspiration to us…” LAG, Teacher at Green, NY elementary school, where Mary did an arts program in the schools

“I saw your article in Wood Carvers Illustrated, and just HAD to e-mail you. I love your work!!!! Its different from any I have seen, and is oddly reminiscent of something I can’t quite place” M, another carver, location unknown

“I’m jealous! I always wanted to be an artist. Although I am doing fine in my career, I do sometimes feel like I pursued a rather safe path. I have a year free to explore and think of other options and who knows where it will take me…” JB, Lambertville, NJ

“We both absolutely love your carving. Maurice was so over the moon about it. I’ll call you to tell you in person, but wanted you to know. Lc, Ridgefield, Ct.

“It is terrific and I am thrilled to have it living with me” RS, Nashville, TN

“I wanted to call you yesterday to relay my husband’s reaction to the [commissioned and surprise gift] carving. You did everything we could hope for and more. It’s fascinating to see the dimensionality shift as the lighting changes over the course of the day. Where ever he and I go, we will have your art to remind us of the happy times we’ve spent here in the McGraw winters.” AK, McGraw, NY

“The carving has arrived and it is even more beautiful than we remembered. Thank you so much!” NG and SR, Kansas City, MO

“She [a waitress commission] arrived in wonderful shape and we think she’s spectacular! We’ve got her displayed presiding over our kitchen. Thanks again for a fabulous job!” KS and NG, Ann Arbor, MI

“Yes, I remember our summer meeting [at the Ithaca Farmers’ Market] quite well. I thought your work was quite stunning, and immediately bookmarked your webpage when I got back home. I have visited the site several times and really enjoyed scrolling down through the various works of art. I am still very interested in purchasing one of the existing pieces, and am still tossing around the idea of commissioning a piece, so I’ll be interested to see what you have to say in the newsletter.” MD, Royal Oak, MI