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Mary Michael Shelley

Folk Art Americana Painted Wood Carvings


I post new pieces to the site periodically throughout the year, so check back often. Make sure you scroll from the top to the bottom of each page. It might take a few minutes to load all the images, there are a lot of them. Well worth the wait!

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What does it take to shift from being a looker to a buyer? Is that you just have to have a piece of my work and you’ve been waiting simply too long. Or a significant event such as a marriage, anniversary, or move has taken place? Maybe you sold your house. Maybe you're resolved to live more in the now. Maybe you'd rather have art than go out to dinner or take that trip? Maybe you saw one once that you really wanted but delayed on buying and it went to someone else? Or you want to buy the perfect surprise for your mate who loves my work.  Give yourself the permission to see my work on your wall.


Click on each of the images above to go to separate sections of my portfolio, "Diners", "Farms", "Vacation/Outdoor", "Dreaming" and "Other"


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