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Horizontal Crow or Raven (Craven) with Copper Feet

Medium: carved pine, acrylic paint, glass eye, copper wire, copper pipe

Size: 8.5" x 20" x 3"

Price: $395.00

I usually make only one of every piece, but I’m going to try doing something different with this crow/raven (Craven for short) and maybe with a few other very simple pieces. I’ve made some close duplicates of it, each one done by hand, with the one pictured above being the first in the series. Numbers 1 to 8 have been sold. With your special order commission I could start to work on number 9 in the series. Each piece in the Horizontal Crow/Raven series has individual variation, but overall the design of each is the same. Each will be individually numbered and have a glass eye and copper feet as pictured above.