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Mary Michael Shelley

Folk Art Americana Painted Wood Carvings


Announcing a new folk art "Guard Dog" Series  Spring 2007

Folk Art Guard Dogs Howling at Moon


Yes, it's the birth of a new series, and what more fitting time than at the birth of the New Year, 2008.

These dogs are boilerplate protection against what-have-you.

Hard to tell if they're smiling or snarling.

Tough as nails.

Hardened steel.

Tough enough to do the job but won't hurt your hands.

Chase away Trouble should Trouble come your way.

You won't need them much, but when you need them they're there.

Always on your side.

And it might not be just us who needs them.

The world needs guarding too in these crazy times.

These are the dogs who can do the job.

They're hand picked, not just any dog will do.


Thank you my doggies.


Guard Dogs # 13 (Three Fierce Ones)


Guard Dogs #12 (Three Against One)

To see more guard dog pieces go to Portfolio, "Dreaming", Work for Sale

Here's an article on the Guard Dog Series that appeared in the Bucks County Herald, January 10, 2008:



Announcing a new "Woman who needs a Spare Set of Hands" Series  Summer 2009

Woman with a Spare Pair of Hands #1.  15.5" x 9"x 1"

She's a live one, too busy to turn around.

Problems that need fixing everywhere abound.

Doing first for others before her self,

That's why she needs a spare set of hands.


Mother, sister, angel, nurse - the job needs getting done.

And of course of her there's only one.

She's got to get her hands dirty,

That's why she needs a spare set of hands.


Sometimes she loans them if you call.

Store them on a shelf or on the wall.

Some people use a holster or a backpack,

But everyone needs a spare set of hands.


They come in twos.

Like pairs of shoes.

Pre-washed and plastic coated,

Everyone needs a spare set of hands.


Recycled they cost far less.

And this type is really best.

A little wear and tear their badge of honor,

All the world needs a spare set of hands.


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